Military Families

At Dental Health Associates we've been treating military families for over forty years.  We know how difficult it is to leave a trusted dentist behind as you PCS.  From a dentist's point of view, we feel your pain.  We've lost so many wonderful patients over the years to military moves.  We know it can be difficult moving into a new community and immediately having to establish professional relationships.  Let us help.  We know the military system and the ins and outs of your military dental insurance plan.  In fact, we have a dedicated in-office insurance coordinator to make sure that you maximize your benefits. 

We are always looking for ways to make your life easier and less stressful at the dental office.  We started our free childcare program specifically for military families who were new and hadn't yet established childcare arrangements they could trust. 

Our reasonable fees, Care Credit, and easy payment plans allow almost anyone with a military paycheck to have the kind of dental health that those who serve our nation deserve.